This is why the SeaHorse is setting the modern benchmark standards. We do not wish to be compared to old, original machines which are not built to modern standards. Original machines cannot compete with the modern safety standards required by national regulators. We have collaborated with UK and European regulators to ensure that the modern machines incorporate the very latest safety technologies including compartmentalised buoyancy, automatic fire fighting and latest life saving equipment. 
The latest machines have been developed in collaboration with the regulators. They monitor the standards both during manufacture and with regular inspections during operational time. 


Electric folding steps for ease of entry and exit 
Quality seating for passengers and crew 
PA and audio systems 
Power Steering 
We have learnt one size doesn't fit all so we offer two systems.  
Electric Hybrid  
Electric drive is a super green means of propulsion offering full electric drive on the road and hybrid drive on the water enabling recharging of the APVs power cells when under less load. Its almost silent in operation with huge amounts of torque for the steepest slipway. 
Diesel Hydraulic 
This technology comes from earth movers to crop sprayers and is super reliable. Any maintannce and repairs can be carried out on site with limited tools, making it ideal for areas of operation in remote locations. 
This power is fed through modified conventional axles with options of diff locks and 6 wheel drive (4X4 is std) 
Air and leaf springs finish off the drive train giving a superior ride over all terrain for passengers and crew alike. 


SeaHorse both road and water-drive systems are powered by higher horsepower-rated, energy-efficient engines which meet latest environmental emissions standards, including fully electric drive systems. The up-rated power units provide greater speed, enhanced manoeuvrability and greater safety on the water. We can offer multiple out-drive and jet drive systems and emergency power units. 
The traditional calliper and wheel drum mechanisms have been replaced by hydraulic and electric drive systems incorporating disc brakes. This eliminates the water and corrosion damage to mechanical parts; a major reliability, safety and maintenance issue on all past models, our new APVs also have minimal hull penetrations substantially reducing any chance of breach of the hull. 
On the water, a jet drive or modern propeller propulsion units provide both power and steering, replacing the old propeller drive system. This quantum leap in the design enhances speed, manoeuvrability, safety and reliability. 
Optimum efficiency in the management of these drive trains is achieved with bespoke electrical and electronic systems. 
In “SeaHorse”, all key aspects have been re-evaluated and modern solutions have been found which have to comply with the most stringent certification requirements whilst retaining the core iconic theme and shape of the original DUKW. 


For power afloat, electric or hydraulics replace conventional prop-shafts, again eliminating large through-hull apertures that are a critical area of both weakness and safety.  
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