Originally founded by Graham Lumley in 2014, Seahorse was established to tackle the prevailing issues of safety and efficiency in amphibious passenger vehicles. A thorough market assessment revealed a universal reliance on either outdated WWII vessels built in the 1940s or amphibious vehicles constructed using the chassis of donor motor vehicles, such as MAN Trucks.  
In early 2022, marking a pivotal moment in its journey, Seahorse expanded into full production, moving into a brand-new UK based factory. This strategic move signified a significant leap in transforming the amphibious vehicle landscape. 


Graham's 30 years as a marine engineer led him to a key insight: using road vehicles for marine operations often involved significant compromises. The placement of engines, cooling systems, and other key components, often not ideal for stability and maintenance, created challenges. Additionally, the use of steel or other metals in hull construction posed a corrosion risk in salt or brackish waters, especially with multiple hull openings prone to water ingress. 
Fast-forward seven years, after an intensive design and testing process involving UK government bodies, the Seahorse MKIII was introduced in 2022. This model represents a completely bespoke design, a more challenging but rewarding approach. 
The Seahorse MKIII stands out for its safety, durability, low maintenance, high capacity, and future-ready design for full electrification. 


More than just manufacturers. 
Seahorse aligns with a wealth of tour operating expertise, boasting a combined 40 years of experience in the industry through strategic partnerships. This industry collaboration allows us to incorporate design traits that not only serve the end user but also position our product as a standout in the market. 


Since 2013 our sister company Duck Tours Ltd has provided a tourism service using a purpose built amphibious vehicle.  
The splash tours have proved to be extremely popular in Windsor and are expanding to more locations in the UK including  
Liverpool Splash Tours opening in Spring 2024 and Glasgow Splash Tours opening Autumn 2024. 
To find out more please visit our partner sites. 


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